Gearing up for the new semester…

The leaflets have been printed, the programme has been finalised… and we’re almost ready for this semester’s activities.

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Donald Trump is not the first politician to upturn the relationship between ‘truth’ and ‘democracy’.

Our first event is a fantastic roundtable on the subject of truth and democracy, which will take place on Tuesday 19 from 4-6 in LG10, David Hume Tower. We’ve got three distinguished speakers and we’ll be live-tweeting the event with the hashtag #truthanddemocracy. Please do come!

After that, we have a terrific range of seminars that deal with every aspect of democracy from France to Brazil. We’ve got early career and more established scholars on the programme. And almost all of the talks feature comments from local specialists.

Beyond our seminars, we’re continuing to develop the Centre in new and exciting ways. In November, we will be welcoming our first CSMCH-IASH Postdoctoral Fellow, Rakesh Ankit from Jindal University, Delhi. With our growing network of collaborators and affiliates, we’re confident that we’ll be able to support a wide range of initiatives, including conferences, graduate events and film screenings.

Finally, we’re hoping to launch a new series of mini event podcasts and interviews to supplement this blog.

As ever, you should stay tuned to our Twitter feed and our Facebook page for more updates. And do let us know if you have an idea or simply want to be added to our mailing list!

— Emile