Podcast: CSMCH Showcase 8 with Anita Klingler

Our eighth CSMCH Showcase podcast is now online!

For the final episode in this series, I spoke to Anita Klingler, who recently submitted her thesis on public discourses of violence in Britain and Germany in the interwar years. Amongst other things, we talked about the relationship between discourses of violence and actual violence, what it means to write about violence, and whether Europe is once again heading towards a “violent” future.

To listen to the podcast, click on the Audiomack link below or subscribe to our podcast channel (just search for ‘CSMCH Edinburgh’ from your favourite podcast app).

This episode brings to an end our first series of Showcase podcasts. We hope to return later in the year with new guests and new ideas.

For now, I’d like to thank the guests who agreed to subject themselves to my haphazard questioning. A special mention, too, for PhD student Mathew Nicolson, who selflessly dedicated himself to producing and editing every Showcase podcast episode for nothing. We are all in his debt.

— Emile