Podcast: CSMCH Showcase 5 with Ismay Milford

Our fifth CSMCH Showcase podcast is now online!

In this episode, I talked to Ismay Milford, a research fellow at Edinburgh, about her work on African anti-colonial activism in the decolonising moment. Amongst other things, we discussed transnational histories of activism, the usefulness of “space” as a historical concept, and whether we can learn anything about our present political crisis from postwar visions of the decolonised future. We also spent some time unpacking the conceptual and empirical frameworks in her excellent article in The Historical Journal on ideas of “federation” in East and Central Africa in the 1950s and 60s.

During the course of our discussion, Ismay made reference to several books and projects, including:

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Join me next time when my guest will be Jeremy Dell, with whom I’ll be talking about West African Islam, Sufism and the history of the book.

— Emile