Podcast: CSMCH Showcase 6 with Jeremy Dell

Our sixth CSMCH Showcase podcast is now online!

This time around, I talked to Jeremy Dell, our recently appointed lecturer in 19th century African history. We began by discussing his intellectual trajectory and, in particular, his first encounter with West Africa via Paris and Dakar. As a specialist of West African Islam, I also asked him to tell us more about the place of African Islam within broader histories of the Islamic world. We ended by talking about the history of the book in West Africa – and how some of that history became part of the justification for the French-led intervention in Mali in 2013 and France’s plans to “return” colonial artefacts.

To listen to the podcast, click on the Audiomack link below or subscribe to our podcast channel (just search for ‘CSMCH Edinburgh’ from your favourite podcast app).

Join me next time when my guest will be Enda Delaney, with whom I’ll be discussing about his current project on the “global” history of the Irish Revolution and his exciting new project on the history of cognition.

— Emile