Conference: June 2022

Honour in Classical Greece


Conference, 10-13 June 2022

Honour in Classical Greece

University of Edinburgh, Playfair Library

Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL


The final conference of the project includes speakers from the work-in-progress workshops held from 2018 to 2022.


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Friday 10 June

10.00-10.30: welcome and opening remarks: Douglas Cairns and Mirko Canevaro (Edinburgh)

10.30-11.30: ‘Honour, Recognition, Respect: Contemporary Debates and Ancient Responses’: Alessandra Fussi (Pisa)

11.30-11.45: tea and coffee

11.45-12.45: ‘Money Makes the Man: Wealth as a Distinctive Feature of Ancient Elites’: Elke Stein-Hölkeskamp (Duisburg/Essen)

12.45-2.00: lunch

2.00-3.00: ‘Honour and Profit in Greek International Relations’: Hans van Wees (UCL)

3.00-4.00: ‘Honour in Ancient Greek Moneymaking’: Moritz Hinsch (HU Berlin)

4.00-4.15: tea and coffee

 4.15-5.15: The Two Sides of Timē: Honour(s) and Price(s) in Hellenistic Inscriptions’: Christel Müller (Nanterre)

5.15-7.30: reception

Saturday 11 June

9.30-10.30: ‘Honour and the Workings of the Cosmos’: Johannes Haubold (Princeton)

10.30-11.30: ‘Honouring the Gods, Honour among the Gods: from Homer to Tragedy’: Luigi Battezzato (SNS Pisa)

11.30-11.45: tea and coffee

11.45-12.45: ‘The Honour of Cities’: Ted Lendon (Virginia)

12.45-2.00: lunch

2.00-3.00: ‘Honour and Reputation in Classical Athens’: Ruth Scodel (Michigan)

3.00-4.00: Timē, Phēmē, and Historiography in Democratic Athens’: Christopher Degelmann (HU Berlin)

4.00-4.15: tea and coffee

4.15-5.15: ‘Honour in Archaic Greek Elegy’: David Konstan (NYU)

7.30 dinner at Zucca restaurant, 15-17 Grindlay Street

Sunday 12 June

9.30-10.30: ‘The Dynamics of Honour and the Enslavement of Women’: Claire Taylor (Wisconsin, Madison)

10.30-11.30: Suum cuique: Axia and its Basis’: Pia Campeggiani (Bologna)

 11.30-11.45: tea and coffee

11.45-12.45: ‘Aristotle on Emotion, Honour, and Ethical Life’: Øyvind Rabbås (Oslo)

12.45–2.00: lunch

2.00-3.00: ‘Is Honour Good for Us? Honour and Megalopsychia in Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics’: Giulia Bonasio (Durham)

3.00-4.00: ‘Athenian Democracy, Honours, and Punishments: Towards a Connected History’: Vincent Azoulay (EHESS Paris)

4.00-.4.15: tea and coffee

4.15-5.15: ‘The Use and Abuse of Athenian Honour in Demosthenes’ Macedonian Speeches’: Ben Keim (Pomona)

6.30 dinner at Scotch Malt Whisky Society, 28 Queen Street

Monday 13 June

9.30-10.30: Plato on the Philosophical Love of Honour’: Hélder Telo (NOVA, Lisbon)

10.30-11.30: ‘The Eyes of the Other: Honour and Epistemology in Plato and the Early Stoics’: Margaret Graver (Dartmouth)

11.30-11.45: tea and coffee

11.45-12.45: ‘Disease and the Body: Manifestations of Shame and Pride in the Ancient Medical Encounter’: Natalia Tsoumpra (Glasgow)

12.45–2.00: lunch

2.00-3.00: ‘Honourable Physicians in the Corpus Hippocraticum? The Pursuit of Doxa and Euschēmosynē’: Frank Ursin (Hanover)

3.00-3.30: tea and coffee

3.30-4.30: round table, led by Nick Fisher, Karl-Joachim Hölkeskamp, and Elizabeth Meyer

4.30: end of conference

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