2: Leo Catana


Meadows Lecture Theatre (G.07), Doorway 4, Old Medical School, Teviot Place, Edinburgh

7 May 2018

h 17:10-18.30

Leo Catana

Associate Professor - Division of Philosophy

University of Copenhagen


Plato on Recognition in the Realm of Politics: Gorgias 513a7-c2

The paper will deal with Plato and his concept of political recognition, as keyed to the Athenian democracy. It will examine the Gorgias (510-14), and discuss terms relevant to political recognition in this and other of his dialogues: philotimia (honour, or the ambition to achieve honour); hamilla and agōn (competition); philia (friendship); prosphilēs/eunoia (goodwill); and mimēsis / mimētēs (emulation / emulator).


All are welcome

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