Literature Review: A. Welsh, What is Honor? (2008)

The second review of our literature section covers A. Welsh, What is Honor? A Question of Moral Imperatives, New Haven: Yale University Press, 2008:


You can read the review by our own Kleanthis Mantzouranis.

Stay tuned for more reviews during the coming weeks!


Featured image: C. Spitzweg, Der Bücherwurm (detail), 1850 (Museum Georg Schäfer, Schweinfurt)

2 thoughts on “Literature Review: A. Welsh, What is Honor? (2008)

  1. Pauline Beaty June 2, 2019 — 2:53 pm

    I’m pursuing the degree of M.A. Classics and am considering a dissertation on the concept of kleos as it related to the disable hoplite in Athens and Sparta 500-450 B.C.E.. My tutor recommended this site to me, and I’m following with interest. I cannot attend any events, due to disability issues, but what you have put on the site is very interesting and of value to me. Thank you for making it available.

    1. honour-in-greece June 10, 2019 — 6:01 pm

      Many thanks, Pauline!
      Just get in touch whenever you wish.
      Good luck with your dissertation, and all best.

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